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Gulf Shores Bike Rentals. We Deliver The Fun!


RadRunner eBikes

  • Up to 4 hours $50
  • Up to 8 hours $75
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Burley Kids Trailers

  • Up to 4 hours $30
  • Up to 8 hours $40
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Jackson Riviera Kayaks

  • Up to 4 hours $50
  • Up to 8 hours $75
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Book an eBike, Burley, or Kayak online and pickup at our Gulf Shores location!

Enjoy the 28 miles of beautiful bike trails in Gulf State Park and see everything it has to offer WITHOUT SWEATING like crazy in the Alabama sun.


Explore a 10-mile-long saltwater lagoon that is little more than a ½-mile wide and is separated from the Gulf of Mexico by a ½-mile stretch of sand dunes and West Beach Boulevard!

Half day or full day rentals are available.

All eBikes Come With:

Where To Ride

You’re free to ride the eBikes in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, however most people like to explore Gulf State Park & The Backcountry Trail. There’s over 28 miles of scenic bike trails that you can effortlessly cruise on our Gulf Shores Bike Rentals WITHOUT SWEATING like crazy in the Alabama sun.

Here's What You'll See!

Gulf Shores eBike Rentals
The Backcountry Trail:

Explore the timeless beauty of the Butterfly Garden, the mystical Freshwater Marshes and the Coastal Hardwood Swamps on your Gulf Shores eBike Rental.

Orange Beach Bicycle Rentals
Aligator Marsh:

Snap a photo of an alligator basking in the sun while on your Gulf Shores Bicycle Rental. You’ll find “Lefty” along the Rosemary Dunes trail.

Orange Beach eBike Rentals
The Butterfly Pavillion:

The perfect place for a picnic is the parks Butterfly Pavilion.  Complete with a screened enclosed cabin style building and conveniently near the trails restroom and water facilities. Park your Orange Beach eBike Rental and see it all.

Orange Beach Bike Rentals
The Beach Pavillion:

The brand-new beach pavilion features air-conditioned restrooms, private showers, a snack bar, plenty of shady spots to sit and eat, and even a huge fireplace for chilly days. A great spot to lock up your Orange Beach Bike Rental and hit the beach!

Orange Beach Bicycle Rental
The Nature Center:

Ride over to Gulf State Park’s Nature Center on your Orange Beach Bicycle Rental and see a living museum of plants and animals that are native to the Gulf Coast region.

Orange Beach Bike Rental
The Learning Center:

Take a break from your Orange Beach Bike Rental and see this newly built facility that provides an opportunity for learning through immersive programming and hands-on experiences to connect with the natural and cultural heritage of the park.

Gulf Shores Bicycle Rental
The Woodside Restaurant:

Woodside is a place for family fun, great food, backyard games, general store, gift shop, free s’mores, and the best live local music. A must stop while riding your Gulf Shores Bicycle Rental.

Gulf Shores Bike Rental
The Interpretive Center:

The Interpretive Center is Alabama’s most environmentally-friendly building, pursuing LEED Platinum and full Living Building Challenge certification (the world’s most rigorous building standard – there are less than 30 in the world!). Check it out on your Gulf Shores Bike Rental!

Bike Rental In Gulf Shores
The Lodge Hotel:

When you get a Bike Rental In Gulf Shores you’ll want to stop by The Lodge at Gulf State Park. It features 350 non-smoking rooms, 4 restaurants and outdoor terraces that provide places to sit, relax, and enjoy morning sunrises or sunsets by the fire-pit.

Gulf Shores Electric Bike Rental
The Gulf State Park Pier:

The Gulf State Park Pier offers features such as indoor seating for concession area, indoor retail area for tackle and souvenirs, comfort stations at the midpoint of the pier and has 2,448 feet of fishing space available along the rails. Park your Gulf Shores Electric Bike Rental and walk the pier!

Bike Rental In Orange Beach
The Roasted Oak:

After you pick up your Bike Rental In Orange Beach, stop by the Roasted Oak. This Wine Bar and Coffee Shop is located inside the lobby of the Lodge. It serves an assortment of wonderful wine beverages and coffee concoctions. Perfect place to sit on the patio and watch the ocean.

Orange Beach Electric Bike Rental
The Dragonfly:

Located just off the lobby of The Lodge at Gulf State Park. Dragonfly is open to the public and features a casual outdoor beach front restaurant. Grab a snack and then head back out on your Orange Beach Electric Bike Rental!

The Perch Restaurant:

Ride your Gulf Shores Electric Bicycle Rental over to The Lodge and check out Perch. Perch offers meticulously prepared meals with fresh, locally sourced ingredients accompanied by an unparalleled view of the Gulf.

Orange Beach Electric Bicycle Rental
The Lake Shelby Boardwalk:

The boardwalk is close to a half mile long and goes over the marshes around Lake Shelby and even goes over Lake Shelby itself. You won’t want to miss this on your Orange Beach Electric Bicycle Rental!

Just In Case You Get Lost.

View Trail & Kayak Maps

We’ve got trail maps for Gulf State Park & The Backcountry Trail as well as a map of Little Lagoon you can use right on your phone so you never get lost and you can plan your trip to see everything the area has to offer!

Gulf Shores Bicycle Rentals

Where To Find Us

We're located right on the main strip in Gulf Shores. From here it's just a short 6 block ride down a sidewalk to get to the main entrance of Gulf State Park with over 28 miles of scenic bike trails to ride. We're also conveniently located right on a canal with a kayak launch with access to Little Lagoon which features 10 miles of marshland, brackish water, trails, and nature parks.

Gulf Shores Bike Rentals

824 Gulf Shores Parkway,Gulf Shores, AL. 36542